Why Sixty-Sixty?


Joan and Greg in Gettysburg, 2012

Our blog name captures two important facts about us. We recently entered our Sixties, an odd transitional time of life, and we came of age in the Sixties, a time of both tumult and change. Although we were both born in the early 1950’s, it was the 1960’s that defined us as individuals and as a couple.

This isn’t a blog about our past really. It is partly about how growing up in the Sixties has shaped our lives, but it is also about our subsequent life and times, a chronicle of how we got to be Sixty-something and lived to write about it! We will write about days long past, about more recent events in our life together, and about things to come.

We decided to blog as a couple because, frankly, we thought we might never blog if we didn’t do it together. Writing together also reflects the way we’ve come through our lives, as partners on a shared journey that began on June 16, 1969 when we had not yet turned 19 years old. Our journey together has now lasted almost 48 years.